B.-d. Farm Paris Creek dairy range

B.-d. Farm Paris Creek Dairy

Natural goodness of fresh milk, healthy pot-set yoghurt and the creamiest soft cheeses from Australia's award-winning dairy producers.

Not all dairy products are created equal. That’s why we’re pleased to be stocking an even wider range from B.-d. Farm Paris Creek, award-winning producers from Adelaide Hills in South Australia. 

All the milk, yoghurt and cheese produced at this organic and biodynamic farm (the ‘B.-d’ in its name stands for biodynamic) is made from the highest premium grade natural milk from cows that are raised just as nature intended, free-ranging and grass-fed all year round. The farm prides itself in delivering nature’s bounty without adding unnecessary production processes, so the very best possible health benefits are retained for the discerning consumer. Every product is growth hormone-free, has no genetically modified makeup and has not undergone UHT treatments. Taste their dreamy dairy range now.

What’s In-Store

  • Milk

Biodynamic and organic milk produced from cows that graze on lush biodynamic pastures. Carefully pasteurized, but not homogenized to retain the goodness of natural milk.

Paris Creek Milk (Zero Bio)
Paris Creek Milk (Full Cream)
Paris Creek Milk (Fat Reduced)

  • Yoghurt

A natural, pot-set yogurt containing the healthy live cultures, Acidophilus, Bifidum Bacterium and Casei (ABC). Contains no artificial thickeners, colours or flavours. Certified-organic honey produced by Ligurian bees on Kangaroo Island is used to sweeten each pot.

Paris Creek Yoghurt (Apricot Bio)
Paris Creek Yoghurt (Blueberry Bio)
Paris Creek Yoghurt (Bush Honey Vanilla Bio)
Paris Creek Yoghurt (Low Fat Natural Bio)
Paris Creek Yoghurt (Strawberry Bio)

  • Cheese

A unique range of award-winning soft cheeses made following a traditional European method of handcrafted perfection.

Paris Creek Brie
Paris Creek Com’n Bear (French-style Camembert)
Paris Creek Fetta

The B.-d. Farm Paris Creek dairy range is available at SuperNature Forum and online.