Organic Free Range Eggs

Organic Free Range Eggs

When it comes to growing tasty, nutritious eggs, nature gets things just right. In fact, it has been doing so for thousands of years - fresh air, green pastures and happy hens and that is the recipe for Frenz organic free range eggs.

Frenz hens have the freedom to forage in acres and acres of sustainable, spray free and nutritious green pasture. They have modern sheds to protect them from the elements which they are free to enter and exit as they please twenty-four hours a day.

Frenz hens are constantly on the go and research proves this means their eggs have all the health benefits of exercise and a varied diet – higher natural protein, higher Omega 3 and less saturated fats. Simply better for you.

Not all free range hens are this free range.

Why choose Frenz Organic Free Range Eggs?
Free to roam on open pastures 24/7 all year round
- Free to grow naturally in small flocks without antibiotics or chemicals
- Free to forage naturally on nutritious green pasture in clean fresh air
- Sustainably operated and New Zealand owned, pioneering free range for three decades
- Eggs are washed so you don’t have to
- Organic certified by Avivet
- Free range certified
- Trusted brand, audited to the highest standards
- 100% traceability, flock locator on every pack

Available at SuperNature Forum and online.

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