Landgarten Chocolate Snacks

Landgarten Chocolate Snacks

We recommend a healthy dose of these irresistible gluten-free, vegetarian or vegan fair trade and organic chocolate snacks from Austria.

Just because you’re eating for two doesn't necessarily mean that you ought to throw all health considerations out the window. When you’re hit by the munchies, reach out for Landgarten’s organic chocolate snacks. We can’t get enough of their roasted Styrian pumpkin seeds and roasted soybeans dipped in delicious Belgian dark, milk or white chocolate. Their Chocolate Cranberry (filled with cranberries and soybeans) and Chocolate Gojiberry (bursting with hand sourced raisins and gojiberries) snack mixes—the perfect combination of gluten-free, vegetarian snacking goodness—are equally irresistible.

But the collection that we love, love, love consists of their chocolate enrobed organic crystallised ginger (Ginger Loves Dark Chocolate), gojiberries (Gojiberries Love Dark Chocolate) and strawberries (Strawberries Love Milk Chocolate). These sumptuous treats prove that healthy living and utter indulgence are necessarily mutually exclusive. And if chocolate isn’t your thing, try their Tamari Soy Snack—carefully selected soy beans prepared using Landgarten’s patented roasting process. It’s a sensational, all-natural gluten-free treat.

Landgarten snacks are available at Supernature Forum.