Innocent Drinks

Innocent Drinks

Innocent drinks started in 1999 after selling their smoothies at a music festival. After asking people if they should give up their jobs to make smoothies and met with a resounding "yes", the rest is history!

All their smoothies and juices are 100% fruit-based, which means no concentrate is ever used. Each drink is also made with love, ensuring you get enough of your daily nutrition intake with just one bottle. Each drink tastes as good as the next, and this is no wonder they are a hit with both adults and kids.

SuperNature is proud to bring the goodness of Innocent Drinks to you. We have a variety of smoothie flavours in-store - Kiwi, Apples & Lime, Mangoes & Passionfruit, Pomegrates, Blueberries & Acai - as well as juice flavours - Apple, Apple Peach & Pear and Apple & Berry - so get your little bottle of goodness today!

Innocent Drinks is available at SuperNature Forum and online.