Eberly Black Silkie Chicken

Eberly Black Silkie Chicken

Twice the antioxidant level of its paler cousins, the health-building black Silkie chicken is a super food that is warmingly delicious in a stew or soup. 

The Silkie, or black chicken, is a staple prescription of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 1,000 years – and not without merit.

Long taken as a nourishing, restorative brew for its balancing effect on the “yin” nature of our health, it is believed to build blood, lung and stomach health. Yet, it’s only recently that this bantam bird has begun to draw more attention by health followers, for its documented benefits. The white-feathered bird with black skin and bones, and deep-coloured meat is said to have twice the level of the antioxidant caronisine, as compared to other paler poultry. Carnosine is a substance found naturally in the human brain and muscle tissues. Its’ antioxidant properties are key to the positive effects in the fields of auditory, speech skills, motor development, and ophthalmology.

Most usually used in a long-cooking stew or soup, cooked with vegetable and Chinese herbs, the deep, sweet flavours of the Silkie is made better by the judicious husbandry practiced by pioneering US farmers, Eberly Poultry, who raise these free-range, specialty birds without the use of additional hormones or antibiotics. This hormone and antibiotic-free option is unique and exclusive to SuperNature.

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Black Silkie chicken from Eberly Poultry Farms is now available at SuperNature Forum.