healthy bake

Healthy Bake Frozen Breads

Tastes as good as freshly baked bread, the great tasting organic loaves from Australian family business Healthybake have been consciously created to avoid setting off digestive problems often associated with the consumption of common wheat grains. To achieve this, Healthybake uses highly nutritious, unhybridised ancient grains.

The bakery’s Millet Bread Loaf contains a delicious blend of spelt and millet. Highly nutritious, millet also makes this bread very easy to digest.

The gourmet Oat Sourdough Loaf is 100 per cent oat and is a great alternative for people who have a wheat sensitivity. Oat bread has a distinctive but mild flavour and an open texture which makes it great for open sandwiches. It’s equally wonderful served toasted or made into croutons for soups and salads. Also not to be missed is Healthybake’s classic Rye & Caraway Loaf. The addition of caraway, a tradition in rye bread making, aids in soothing digestive problems.

Check out Healthybake’s range of breads at SuperNature Forum and online.