Diestel Organic Turkey

Diestel Organic Turkey

Diestal organic turkey is the only turkey you’ll want on your Thanksgiving table this festive season.

When it comes to choosing turkeys, their provenance and how they’re raised are more important than their size. 

Diestel turkeys are allowed to grow slowly with plenty of fresh air and space to roam in the clean Sierra Nevada Foothills, where they are raised almost twice as long and with four times as much space as conventional birds. Turkeys are able to fully mature at their naturally intended weight.

Certified organic by the Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO), you can be sure that the turkeys are not given anyartificial growth hormones, antibiotics, synthetic amino acids or grains grown with chemical fertilisers. 

This festive season, delight your family with a Diestel organic roast turkey, lovingly prepared by chefs from Hilton Hotel Singapore. Enjoy that old-fashioned turkey flavour – a difference you can taste.

Available at $209 for a 10- to 12-pound roast turkey and $260 for a  14– to 16-pound roast turkey. To place your order, please call +65 68547399 or click here.


Roast Diestel organic turkey

Thanksgiving roast turkey order & collection details

  • The last date to submit your order is November 20th 2016.  
  • Collection dates: November 24th (Thanksgiving Day) to November 27th.

Christmas roast turkey order & collection details

  • The last date to submit your order is December 20th 2016.
  • Collection dates: December 23rd to December 26th 2016

If you prefer to slowly roast the turkey to perfection in your own home, frozen Diestel organic turkeys are also available at SuperNature:

  • Diestel Organic Frozen Turkey 10 -12 lbs, $153
  • Diestel Organic Frozen Turkey 14 -16 lbs, $207