Mindfulness: Slow Things Down to Speed Up.

Mindfulness: Slow Things Down to Speed Up.

Contributed by SuperNature

About this Event

Modern life is BUSY! It’s full of various commitments – work, work, work, family, social life, more work and on top of all of that, trying to stay fit and healthy. All of which requires your time and energy! The constant flow of these multiple demands can be overwhelming, draining and leave you feeling out of balance. Not only can this lead to mental and emotional exhaustion, but it is also not helping you be at your best. Underpinned by positive psychology, mindfulness has been proven to have positive effects on your mental and emotional state. This matters because your state of mind drives your behaviour, which in turn contributes to your outcomes in all area of life. This talk looks at the benefits of embedding mindfulness practices into everyday busy modern life. This is perfect for those who want to sharpen their focus, reduce stress levels and find clarity – with their eyes open! Join us

When: Tuesday 2nd July
Time: 7:30-9pm
Where: SuperNature Forum
Speaker: Anji Hallewell

Main takeaways:
- How to slow things down to speed up
- Create the mental space needed to make clearer decisions and lower stress levels in an authentic and sustainable way
- The benefits of applying this to everyday life
- Practical tools tips that you can implement straight after!

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